The following is a list of methods of Capital Punishment from around the world, both historical and modern, any of which can be used as punishment for convicted serial killers.


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Historically, animals were used to carry out often cruel, painful forms of punishment in Europe and parts of Asia, including:

  • Execution by horse, by being trampled or torn aprat
  • Execution by elephant, specifically from being trampled
  • Execution by snake pit, where offenders were thrown in with poisonous snakes
  • Being devoured by any number of carnivorous beasts, including lions, sharks, wolves, rodents and insects


While less common than other historical forms of capital punishment, boiling was employed in both Europe and Asia. Liquids used in boiling often included water, oil, tar, lard or motlen lead.

Back BreakingEdit

Commonly seen in the Mongol Empire during the reign of Genghis Khan, the breaking of a victim's back was designed to avoid spilling blood on the ground.

Breaking WheelEdit

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A torture device on which a victim was tied down before being beaten to death with clubs or other blunt objects.


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Numerous countries used fire as a painful, vengeful means of execution.

Premature BurialEdit

Mainy used prior to the 19th century, victims were buried alive and suffered a slow death via suffecation.